The unexpected, well paid and respectable profession within the


The aim of this report is to establish the most appropriate
direction in which I can see my future career unfolding.

To do this I have demonstrated a knowledge of the Art and
Design industry, specifically within my chosen discipline illustration Research
and collecting evidence to enable to support my findings, exploring future
possible careers in the illustration industry and research possible
opportunities that it can bring.

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 I have evaluated my
own strengths, interests and inspirations to ensure that the direction I have
chosen is the right one.


The art of Illustration can take form in various ways
whether it be used within fashion, advertising, publishing or even medical

Illustration is a visual description of a concept, process
or words, its purpose being to provide types of visual communication.

An Illustration degree can bring jobs prospects such as an Animator,
textile designer, a book illustrator and a graphic designer.


A medical illustrator might not be the first job that would
occur to an ungraduated studying within a creative field, but is a good example
of an unexpected, well paid and respectable profession within the art and
design industry.

The job would require the illustrator to work closely with
medical professionals in hospitals and to contribute to the teaching and
research field in medical schools and research establishments.

A part of the job requires creating illustrations of treatment
procedures for the use in medical journals and lectures, within hospitals to
communicate with patients and to create posters and brochures.

The company Medical-artists specialise in medical art, I
have chosen this company to talk about as they have a broad range of services
to offer within the medical illustration sector ranging from traditional
illustration to modern three dimensional illustrations.

Traditional medical illustration uses mediums such as water
colour, pen and pencil, different mediums can be useful for different purposes.

Pencil for example is advantageous to create depth using
shading and blending techniques with the ability to add tones.

Water colour paint can be used to add colour where its refined
and delicate tones can be advantageous to allow subtly to any unpleasant
details within the image being created.

3D illustrations can be used to create realistic images to
allow a viewer to see 360 degree imagery. The company medical-artists say ‘the benefits of using this would be to
make information far more engaging, or to help a patient understand a
medical procedure.’ (, 2017)

This type of profession Is a great example of the many types
of methods an illustrator can showcase their skills using different types of


Another role I would like to walk about is the role of a book
illustrator, a job which I would be interested in undertaking in the future. A
book illustrator would usually collaborate with an author to create suitable illustrations
to go alongside the text written in the book. When the word and illustrations convey
the same story this is a symmetrical interaction. Another type of interaction
is enhancing interaction meaning the illustrations are more impacting to a fuller
meaning of the book.   



The reason I chose the illustration route was because I believe
there is more of a creative flair within an illustration role which is where I
feel passionate, my strengths are within my capability of drawing/