The to hit one crore by 2022. Nearly 70%

The vehicle boom that overtook Bangalore has left
the city vulnerable to pollution and toxic greenhouse gases. But this is not
the end. According to a report published by The
Indian Express, the number of private
vehicles in Bangalore is expected to hit one crore by 2022. Nearly 70% of these
are two-wheelers and 20% are cars.


The current air quality index of Bengaluru revealed
that the air we breathe is moderately unhealthy (The Better Indian). Improving public transport and walkability
remain as the most important measures to curb the rising traffic &
pollution in the city. But usage of environment-friendly
vehicles is now being recognized as a more feasible option.

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As a consumer, you might also save a lot of money
on gas. Beyond saving fuel and gas, electric cars have another advantage. Low
maintenance. Since such vehicles are fully electrical, you no more have to
change oil frequently. It also eliminates the hassles related to the
maintenance of your vehicle’s engine.


With more technological advancements coming in, the
cost of buying and maintaining an electric car has reduced rapidly. In addition
to this, tax incentives have made it a cost-effective alternative to regular
vehicles. Moreover, electric motors give a smoother driving experience without
causing much noise pollution. Above all this, doing your part to protect the environment
is a reason good enough to switch to an electric vehicle, isn’t it?


But does owning
an electric car in Bangalore makes sense in the present-day?


Electric charging stations are still at their
development stages in Bangalore. You wouldn’t come across a lot of electric
fueling stations on a daily basis. This is a matter of concern especially when
it comes to long-distance travel.
Charging your vehicle at home can have a counter
effect on the consumption of power. Bangalore being a city running short of
power, buying an electric car might be an unwise investment. But the use of electric cars still boasts of being the
single most alternative to reduce your carbon footprint.


Phoenix Kessaku as a brand ardently believes in sustainable and responsible living.
Usage of recycled water for the garden,
efficient waste management, rainwater harvesting facilities and bicycle parking
spaces are some of the initiatives the builders have taken towards building an environment-friendly community. Apart from
these, in-house charging stations are provided to promote and encourage the use
of electric vehicles. With these in-house charging stations, you’ll never have
to go out in search of public charging booths anymore. So why wait? Be a part
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