The idea and keep in touch through Skype group

The main positive
networking skill which I have, I seriously believe this idea that opposite of
networking is not working and those people not working it clear they will never
success in whole life because they are not working. the networking is the most
important aspect of life this idea were born and improve my networking skill in
early age at seventh class of high School when I request to my classmate for
physics note and he refuse my request because I don’t have network and relation
with him, it was effective experience in my life regarding networking . The
network and networking are the most key require for career promotion and
capacity building in different aspect of life.

Luckily as per my
highly interest in networking since my childhood presently, working as general
manager of SIGTAS Network under Afghanistan Revenue System Directorate in
Ministry of Finance my job require must be keep actual and virtual network and
networking with different business and tax government organization, private
sectors, tax consultancies, National Procurement Authority (NPA) and Financial
Departments of 31 Provinces to use Standard Integrated Government Tax
Administration System (SIGTAS) for tax collection. Within short period of time
I have managed and visited government officials , national procurement
authority, ten provinces head of finance, deputy minister of trade in ministry  for the purpose of making an efficient
proposal to finish down time in network, on time solution for problems and
exchange their experience regarding tax collection and proper usage of SIGTAS
to increase domestic revenue finally I made Skype group from all stakeholders
through my effective networking skills, right now they exchange their
experience, idea and keep in touch through Skype group from 31 provinces.
Networking can change the solid and hard life into easy and smooth life.
Respect, consideration and courtesy in networking are special skills to
strengthen and guaranteed network for entire life between communities and

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Conceptually and
academically chevening is excellent and effective platform worldwide students
which collect together under chevening alumni for same purpose to get master
degree and create worldwide connection through chevening alumni for their
country development.    I will be able to
share my idea ,opinion ,culture and experience and present geographical
information about my beloved country to others and also highly interesting
beside my regular classes know about other chevening scholars cultures ,idea,
experience and more interesting topic from different countries and learn how
they make their country comfortable place for life

Working more than one
year I achieve complete experience about Afghanistan taxation and will be share
detail information with them and listen and learn about their taxation model
and distinguish between our taxation system and others taxation system, on my
return choose and use the skills in the future which acquire from cheveners for
our system transparency according corruption  and toward self standing.

My chosen filed is
very complex therefore; on regional and global level my commitment to the
cheveing community to serve my country and objectives, be in network with
national and international chevening alumni can support me in more cases in my
chosen profession.