The changing the already prepared presentation. In other words,

The presentation is able to visually show any material that instantly becomes understandable, it is only necessary to consider its graphic embodiment. After all, disorganized speakers, trying to explain everything verbally, spend not only their own, but also spectator time for nothing, without getting any “benefit.” Unfortunately, a huge number of presentations suffer because of poor-quality submission of material and poor graphics. Those who come to study the presentation, from politeness, give it a few minutes, and then bury themselves in their mobile phones.  Have a look at the beginning of the presentation. Before creating slides, make sure that you use a template that defines global properties, such as fonts, colors, and object / chart styles. You need to spend quite a bit of time in the beginning to prevent large losses of time at the end, changing the already prepared presentation. In other words, it is better to immediately select the necessary parameters that will fully correspond to the subject matter, than at the end of the work to understand that the appearance of the demonstration and what you are going to talk about from different spheres of life. Adding graphics makes the slides more impressive and memorable, but only if they help clarify the problem. Use professional quality images (not free clip art), which are among the most important items, and make them large enough to be clearly visible. In general, images are one of the most important presentation skills, because they can help even the most insignificant topic become relevant and meaningful. And it is graphical objects that will enable us to imagine the scale of what is being said. With a large amount of information, do not allow the presentation to “jump” from one topic to another. People need time to learn and understand that portion of the material that is presented on this slide. It is best to designate a key point, confine yourself to a capacious, but small phrase. Overloading a slide is not such a banal thing as it seems. It should be borne in mind that it is precisely it capable, to cloud the perception of the viewer, who will start to get confused in the information, and then completely and completely decides not to give your speech any attention. After all, the report will help calmly going interesting slides.  You must take peoples attention. We need to give people something that will attract their attention: short, but capacious headlines, beautiful colors and images. Unfortunately, in most cases, you can attract the audience only in this way. Use all possible techniques to maximize the report, do not forget to pay attention to the fonts. In fact, such techniques are nothing more than the most important primary skill of the presentation.
Many people use photographs to illustrate their ideas. It’s good to choose an image that is used in similar styles, themes or under completely different circumstances. PowerPoint program allows you to create a full-scale document in the presentation, without overloading the slides with data. Visual pointers are used at the time of the demonstration, while notes are available for detailed documentation. You have to work hard to create slides that can attract the audience, using the data and opportunities that you have. A competent language, an understandable style of writing, an interesting presentation – this will help to maximally effectively influence the viewer, to facilitate the perception of the report. Indeed, such an important presentation skill is the way to a successful implementation of a conceived project. 

Be not only verbal but use your body
language too.
of the best ways to improve the skills of a business presentation is to stand
straight. Straighten your shoulders, lift your head and keep your back straight.

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By doing this, you will instantly draw your audience’s attention to you.

Body language specialists are advised to
learn to control gestures and even facial expressions during business
presentations. The audience will understand you better when you add words to
actions. Be natural. Try to hold a
presentation, looking at yourself in the mirror.

talks or business presentations should be pleasant for the listener and the
speaker. And the responsibility of the speaker is to set the audience to feel
calm and comfortable in order to better understand the information. There are
many tricks on how this can be done. For example, tell a funny story or an
anecdote in a topic. But an unmistakable option would be to just smile.