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The stillness of the night was deafening, broken only by the drone of a lone engine. Evigrof hadn’t seen another driver for hour; there was no radio coverage, and even the crickets seemed to be mute. Evigrof sighed. After flipping through the radio one more time, he gave up. After driving for a short while, he saw the sign he had been waiting to see for hours “Silent Hill : 10 miles.” In his joy, Evigrof flipped through the stations, forgetting that he had checked them meer minutes ago. But instead of landing on static, the radio landed on a station that wasn’t there before, 84.7.Leaving little time for Evigrof to be confused, the car filled with a low monotonous tone.”Do you have something that you truly, incessantly desire? Is there anything else that you would go to the ends of the earth  to obtain? Well, luckily for you, there’s a way to achieve what you’re looking for, and you won’t need to go to the end of the world to get it. But you will need to go somewhere, this  place may be too out of reach for some. It’s not far away, and closer than one may think.””Agh?!” Evigrof blurted out in confusion. He suddenly grabbed his head in pain as a loud screeching emanated from the radio. As soon as Evigrof regained his focus, the voice continued.”Whatever it is that you seek, know that you must relentlessly desire what you want. In your eyes, it should be something you need. If you begin the journey without the right state of mind, you will surely fail, as it will be near impossible to turn back once the journey starts. Do not use your headlights to much, as you will need some of the cover of night to be most safe.””Um ok?” Evigrof was very skeptical. “This is either someone hijacking the frequencies and playing their idea of a sick joke or I need to sleep…” But he was interested and continued listening. “To play the game you must follow these instructions,” said the voice.”You must locate the road. It doesn’t have a name. It’s not on the map, and technically, it doesn’t even exist. It will only show up if you’re looking for it at the right time. You will only spot it if you know what to look for., you will see or feel its signs but what the signs will be will depend on what you desire. For example, if you’re in search of wealth, you may spot shimmers on the empty branches of trees resembling the shine of gold or diamonds. If you seek love, you may begin to see rose petals slowly dancing in the breeze, blowing in the road’s direction. If you seek revenge, you might sense a growing feeling of heat or anger in your body as you approach. Just know what it is you really want, and you’ll have no problem finding the turn. Evigrof contemplated his options; should he take the directions, or turn back and forget that this ordeal ever happened.Then he remembered…5 years earlierThe fog was thick, visibility minimal, and the road curved. All of a sudden a silhouette appeared in the mist. Before he had time to react, the person hit and bounced off Evigrof’s car with a sickening thud. He pulled over and saw the person’s broken, bloody body. Knowing that there was nothing he could do, he climbed into his car and sped away.Present day  That memory had haunted him for years, it was one of his life’s greatest regrets, and he always reminisced about what he could have done. Now he had the chance to fix his mistake. Evigrof determined he was going to do what he should have done all those years ago: save that man’s life.Evigrof looked out his window. Finding a road like the one required by the radio was not going to be hard, as he was surrounded by thick forests with no human souls for miles. Evigrof grimaced at a sharp pain in his chest, and he could feel it beginning to grow worse. As the pain became more acute, Evigrof knew he was nearing his path.  Evigrof parked his car, and prepared for the worst. After a few seconds, the radio started. “At this point, you have officially started down the nameless road which brings you through 11 miles, leading to whatever it is you seek. Each mile will test your desire. Before you go any further,  be wary of a few advisements:Do not use a phone during the drive; reception will be cut off anyway.If you are in a vehicle without windows or a top, then prepare for the worst, as the odds are heavily against you.Do not leave your vehicle at ANY time.Do not 30 miles per hour, unless you’re desperate to make it through a section of the road.And most importantly, as with any drive, buckle up.””As always,” Evigrof chuckled to himself. “Feel free to prepare and make sure you’re ready. Once the road has been entered, time has stopped so you don’t need to worry about losing the night. Though you may not notice, you’re not actually in your own world anymore. Take one last moment to realize that once the first mile is over there is no turning back. If you ponder turning back at all, know that you shouldn’t even be on the journey.As Evigrof started driving he felt an eerie calm wash over him. Then realizing the radio had started talking, he returned his attention to it.   “On the first mile, you won’t see much change. The road passes through woods with a few exceptions. The air will turn a bit colder;  you should turn on your heating system if the vehicle has one. You won’t want to take your eyes off the road later. Take some time to calm any uneasiness by admiring the night sky. You’ll see it completely lined with stars, more than what you would ever believe possible. If the weather were cloudy beforehand, you’ll also notice that the sky is now clear. With each mile the road also becomes more complex, taking more turns and showing an increasing amount of road hazards. Be sure to always keep focused on the road in front of you in order to avoid as many bumps or obstacles as possible. If your vehicle is forced to a stop because of damage, then there’s nothing left you can do but eventually freeze to death.”Taking note of the radio’s words Evigrof looked up. Even though he had grown up on a farm, deep in the country where the stars covered the night sky, he had never seen something so breathtaking. The sky was covered in stars that seemed just a short drive away. After returning his attention to the road he realized that the first mile had already passed. “On the third mile, you may begin to spot silhouettes of human figures in the linings of trees. Pay no attention to them, even if they seem to get closer. It will be hard to resist peeking at their unnerving, distant appearance but know that they will reveal themselves later. At this mile, the road will become dirt. Keep to the center of the path as it will become narrow and wide at random intervals. On a quick side note, should you ever attempt to turn around (despite the previous warnings) you’ll be left on a path which never ends. You would simply run out of fuel, and be left to freeze in the cold conditions.”Evigrof started to become paranoid as he could feel the shadows’ ghostly presence watching him from the trees. “On this mile the sky is now an empty, black abyss. The only light will be provided by your vehicle’s headlights, but they will flicker from time to time even if you’re sure they’re in perfect working order. As for now, good-bye.” Now with the information that the only thing keeping him company would be replaced with yet another obstacle he began to lose hope. He waited, dreading the moment when the radio would come back to life. But he was surprised to hear it was the voice to which he was accustomed. Confused Evigrof did not understand what was happening until the radio produced an overwhelming screech that nearly sent him off the path. Then a calm voice began to speak about his greatest fears, what he had been most terrified of in his life. It spoke in a way that caused him to visualize the words in his mind, but he drove those thoughts away. He realized that if  he comprehend what it was saying, the horrors would prove too much for him to stay on the road safely. As Evigrof sped up and approached the end of the mile, the voice faded out of the speakers, leaving his ears at peace (for now).Relieved at his success, Evigrof prepared for the radio’s next instructions.   “On the seventh mile, the voices from the figures will return. It won’t sound like a whisper this time, but more like distant screams, growing closer with each second. At some point on this mile, you’ll hear one of them in your ear, as if one of them were right behind you. This is because one of the figures has found their way into your vehicle. Do not turn around. Their face will shock you to a paralysis, driving you to insanity. These beings are said to be ones who have travelled down this road before, but were not successful. They live the remainder of their existence suffering, in the darkness, with their only goal being to bring other travelers down with them. It has been said from experience that these beings can’t physically harm you, so as long as they don’t cause you to crash, you should be fine.” But as a sentient reminder to this nightmare, the radio came on once again. “On the eighth mile, slow down if you’re going too fast. The road here takes very sharp turns, which if overshot will throw the vehicle into a pit through the trees. The cold is near fatal here. If you were to have a glass or bottle of water in your vehicle, it would be solid in seconds. The heating system will have become completely obsolete. Your headlights will flicker more, sometimes shutting off for a few seconds. You should break if this happens, but do not completely stop. The figures will be following you at this point, and should you stop for too long, they will surround and trap your vehicle. More of their screams will be heard from outside your doors, sometimes even sounding of maniacal laughter. Their hands will claw at your windows, desperate to reach in and feel something living. Do not look at them. They won’t block your windshield, and the last thing you want to happen is to crash and be trapped with them. If you don’t make it from here, pray that it’s the freezing that ends you.”After finishing the last of the sharp turns and driving the mile Evigrof noticed that the radio didn’t come on. “Had he done something wrong?” “Was the radio broken?” But then, taking him out of his confused daze, his car stalled. All the systems shut off, and Evigrof was consumed in darkness. Then he felt them… he could sense their malevolence around him, he could feel them trying to get into his car… into him… then Evigrof realized “Is this how I’m going to die?” After a couple more seconds of complete terror the car came back to life and the engine revved. He could feel the shadows retreat, knowing this was his only chance, Evigrof floored it. As his car sped away the radio sputtered to life. When the mile’s done, the beings will retreat.””WHAT! YOU COULDN’T TELL ME THAT BEFORE,” yelled Evigrof enraged at the radio’s failure almost getting him killed. After calming his nerves for a short while, Evigrof waited for the next transmission. “On the tenth mile, the voices of the beings will stop. If you were to look in your rearview mirror, do not actually do this, you will see them following you but not as if they were chasing. They’re watching you, as if they were seeing you off. As you go down the tenth mile, the road will be smoother, as if you were back on the first mile. The figures will be lining the sides of the path ahead of you. They won’t be after you, but they will watch you as you pass. Some have theorized that the beings are impressed that you have come a long way on the journey to what you desire. This is false. They are not impressed, but they are happy. They are happy you are about to approach the next mile. They are happy because you are most likely getting closer to your death.”With the suspense eating away at him, Evigrof couldn’t bear to imagine what horrid things awaited him on the next mile. But the knowledge that this hell was almost over was the only thing holding his sanity together. As the final mile neared, the voice from the radio came on. “On the eleventh and final mile which I will relay to you as it happens, everything in your vehicle will lose power, as it did on the ninth mile. The vehicle would normally be immobile, but you will still be moving. An unknown force will be pulling you forward. In the darkness, you will see a glowing red light up ahead, as if it were a light at the end of a tunnel. Close your eyes, and cover them. Do whatever it takes to make sure you do not see what you are about to go through. Covering your ears would also be helpful, but keeping your eyes covered should be a higher priority. The red light is a clearing. Once it’s entered, unrelenting and inconceivable noises will sound from all directions. No amount of bravery and conditioning will spare you from these sounds. The cold will turn to a merciless heat, burning all parts of the vehicle. You will feel the illusion of the flesh being burned off your bones, that every part of you is being destroyed as you travel through screams and audible suffering. As long as you keep your eyes closed, and resist the urge to see where you are, you will survive through the suffering. This will last a total of 31 seconds but many fail to keep their vision closed during that time and are left to the worst fate of the road. Where is this mile located? Those who have survived do not know. Some have named it ‘the transition from hell’ but whether it’s part of hell is debatable.”Barely clutching on to the last shreds of his sanity, Evigrof realized that the ride was over, and that he had conquered the challenge of the road. Then for one last time the radio buzzed to life. “After the final mile, power will return. Stop the vehicle. Take a moment to regain your sanity. Let the screaming in your ears fade and know that you have  completed your journey and the  hardest tasks overcome. Breathe, and begin to drive forward. After a short while, your vehicle will arrive at a dead end. Stop here. Nothing will happen right that second but do not be disappointed. Relax and close your eyes. Imagine in your mind what it is you’ve desired. It will most likely still be the same as when you entered, but with some this desire may actually change through making this journey.”As Evigrof concentrated he thought as hard as he could about what he desired, to bring the man he had killed all those years ago back to life. “Once you have completely visualized this, slowly open your eyes. You will then find yourself at the beginning of the unnamed road, where you first began. This may confuse you, but know that you are finished. Your task is done. Your mind will then turn to your reward. You may think about how you will know if my promise has been fulfilled…”Evigrof became slightly nervous, until he realized that the sound from the radio seemed closer than before, almost as if it were right next to him. He slowly turned his head, and was greeted by the sight of a man with wavy blonde hair, with blue eyes, staring right back at him. Then the man began to talk in the voice that was the same one that had guided him through the nightmare of those eleven miles. “So now that the task is done, what’s the catch? Is your vehicle cursed? Is there something you’re about to lose? Is your death imminent? The answer to all is no, of course. You’ve done the challenge. You’ve proved worthy of what you desire. As stated before, the sounds of the eleventh mile will continue to exist in your mind, potentially causing you some vivid and unusual nightmares, but these should prove as nothing compared to what you’ve gained.Now before I go, I just want to say thanks for helping me out. You’re a good guy…” The man then got up and left Evigrof’s car. He had already walked a couple of steps when he suddenly turned around and ran back. “Now, one last question before I go. Is there something else you desire? Are you not yet satisfied? After all, you’re left right back where you started. The road’s right in front of you, so are you up for another drive?If so, buckle up, and just move forward.”