Professional any device that has internet access in it.

Professional and Ethical issues in Online Banking and Electronic Cards


In this modern era of Information
Technologies every aspect of life tends to evolve in presence or help of these
information technologies. There are various different technologies and
information systems that help us to maintain our daily way of life in easy and
hustle free environment. One of this technologies or information system
included online banking and electronic cards.

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Online banking has become very
effective and one of the most popular services that is been used around the
world past two or three decades. This service helps users to purchase of make
other kind of payment by a press of a button with any device that has internet
access in it.

This technology is used in
e-commerce websites, banking portals, shops and various other different areas.
Since this technology is used in daily way of life it is subjected many
threats. This included cybercrimes, theft of cards, misuses of ecommerce
websites using fraud etc.

This research is based on online
banking and electronic cards and the issues that this technology. I will be
conducting a thorough investigation in issues that this technology faces in
terms of professional, ethical, legal and social aspects.

Professionally speaking IT
professionals or staffs who develop and maintains any online banking systems
must strictly follow given code of conducts. These codes of conducts are kept
in place by all the organizations to maintain their integrity and safe keeping
of their clients.

It is not every person’s interest
to follow given rules. There are many of these cases that follow in misusing of
online banking and electronic technologies. Because of these misuses of
professional power or access they intend to use customer information and other
sensitive information stores in these systems to for their personal gains.




These include:

Using customer card details for frauds

Not having any respect for customers personal
status and leaking them to public

Staffs not having clearly understanding
organizations code of conducts

In 2010, HSBC one of the famous banks
in the world faced a huge threat where 24000 of their customer details were
taken or copied from their database by an IT department staff. This is huge disappointment
by their customer and huge blow in their reputation. (Reuters, 2011).

In ethical view