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Moral Diplomacy of 1912 -This was a diplomacy that was proposed by Woodrow Wilson. The system only gives  support to the countries whose moral beliefs are similar to those supporting.This is when one state goes against another.This is a speech act that allows a state of war to break out between two or more states.Any time the United States has went to war the congress has wrote and Declaration for it. The Teller Amendment was made to make sure that The United States didn’t have permanent control over Cuba after the war.The open door policy gave China the power to trade with anybody without taking control.This gave all the other countries the privileges to trade witch China.This was when foreigners where being blamed for taking away the Chinese way of life.Boxers killed many foreigners and burned many churches and foreign businesses.Boxers killed missionaries and any Chinese people that converted to the Christian life. The Panama Canal was made for trading it was made to make trades easier and faster it is connects the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. It gave the same results but in less time it make things much quicker and countries were getting there products much faster.-This was when the United States wanted Hawaii so that they could tax and sell sugar.Queen Liliuokalani was didn’t quite agree with what was being said. Queen Liliuokalani was over threw and William McKinely convinced congress to annex Hawaii. This was the Prince of Hungary.He was the heir of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. He was assassinated by a serbian named princip Sarajevo. The Assassination of Archduke was the United States reason to enter World War 1.This event happened May 1915 and Germany sank RMS Lusitania and 1,198 people died including 128 Americans. This lead to President Woodrow Wilson to enter World War 1.This was a company in Switzerland, that was made  after World War 1 and it was creating to resolve international disputes. 63 countries came apart of the league of nations to get all economic problems out of the way.The Great Migration was when African Americans moved from the south to Midwest, West, and the North in order to try to get away from the slavery. he Service Act stated that people wanting to enter the military had to be 21 years of age but younger than 36.This act required men to sign up for the Military all depending on how old you were. • President Hoover persuaded the people to eat less meat and bread so that the troops overseas could have more to eat. • The Espionage Act this law was made to stop  interference with military during wartime. The Sedition Act was the enforcement of the Espionage Act. Both laws  said that their would be harsh penalties on anyone interfering with or speaking against US participation in World War I.
• This was a law that raised taxes on imports to help try to protect businesses.If they weren’t able to see good they United States gave Europe an loan in return it bought United States goods. • This was when the government set aside oil for the United States Navy to use. This was big for the United States because big oil companies bribed the government to get what they needed. • Clash between science and revolution the united states was still primarily christian ACLU if any teacher said if any teacher challenged the law they will represent it he got arrested. John Scopes challenged the law by teaching evolution. At the end of the case they John Scopes loss and was charged with violating States Laws. • The PWA this New Deal Agency created jobs, improving public welfare and giving many Americans jobs.They got this money to do this by budgeting billions of dollars. The PWA also improved buildings and built new jobs for people that didn’t have jobs. • This was the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. This was one of the New Deal Agencies FDIC was the agency that protected the people from the back failures.FDIC protected back deposits up to $5, 000.   • This was deadly dust storms that killed people, trapped people, and destroyed homes of people.This was one of the most devastating moments in history.The Dust Bowl stopped people from living and ruined the crop and plants to make money.This Dust Bowl lasted 10 years leaving farmers without work and a way to pay for their house holds. • The Federal Home Loan Bank Act lowered mortgages for homeowners and this allow farmers to rework their paying plans to pay off loans with the refinancing of the farms this allowed farmers to avoid going through foreclosure. • FDR closed all banks and sent in auditor(people to make sure the banks had enough money) To stop massive withdraws that day. • The Atlantic Charter was a meeting between FDR and Churchill, and this meeting established the League of Nations Allies.This was a joint declaration between the United States and Great Britain. The Declaration caused 26 Allied nations to pledge their support. The Atlantic Charter was the United States and Great Britain war time. • This began in 1935 when congress passed a series of laws to keep the United States out of war.Three of the main Neutrality Acts were the Cash and Carry Act, Lend-Lease Act and the Destroyer Deal Act. • This was a Conference between Great Britain, United States , and the Soviet Union.In the conference they agreed to divide Germany and Berlin, to give Germany , free press, and the freedom of speech. Things didn’t go as planned because of the trust issues between the Soviet Union and the United States due to the United States testing the atomic bomb. • This policy was created by or thought of by FDR. This policy was made to make the friendship  between the United States and Latin America better. • This was a Supreme Court case that put the Japanese Americans into interment camps throughout WW2 it didn’t matter if they had a citizenship or not. • WPB was the agency that watched the United States production from the beginning or WW2 to the end of WW2. The WPB was the peace maker it got the materials we needed and got the services that we needed.

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