My as EA, Rockstar, Capcom, Ubisoft also have studios



My ultimate goal is to become a respected, successful and well-known Game Artist Designer in the entertainment industry and then to build my own Game company. Therefore, graduation from one of the top schools like Toronto Film School will be the first step to achieve my long-term goal.


The reason why I decided to study in Canada is because Canada’s game industry ranks among the largest of any country in the world. Most of the Canadian game studios are in Quebec, British Columbia and Ontario. Also, Canada has the third largest video game industry in terms of employment numbers following the USA and Japan, with 20,400 employees, 472 companies, and a direct annual economic impact of nearly $3 billion added to Canada’s GDP in 2015. Big Game companies such as EA, Rockstar, Capcom, Ubisoft also have studios located across Canada.

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While most of the companies require work experience of minimum 2 years, it is crucial for me to start working as an intern or freelancer during my studies. Working as a game character designer intern will give me an opportunity to express my skills in 3D and 2D designing as well as the opportunity to collaborate with experienced employees not only Character artists but also Art designers, Animators, Illustrators, Developers, Environmental artists, etc. This will help me to build up my work experiences as well as the knowledge needed to be successful in the Game industry.


Talking about Game industry, we should mention the development history of it. In October 1958, Physicist William Higginbotham created what is thought to be the first video game. It was a very simple tennis game. Way back then, the “art” was terrible. A game’s screen could only show a few colors at a time. Often, the “characters” in the game were a little more than colored squares. Games were so simple that they were common for a single developer to do everything by himself, from the design to coding. Over the years, that have changed. Gaming systems grew more powerful, exploding from two dimensions into three dimensions in full color. And I believe that in near future, the Game industry will bring users closer to virtual reality with advanced graphics and holographic technologies.


As a fresh graduate, I am planning to work for game companies as a 3D Characters artist. My goal is to be promoted to a Lead Artist position within 3-5 years and eventually become an Art Director or begin with my own startup in the Game industry. In order to keep myself on track for this plan, I will have to develop important skills such as management, communication and leadership. These skills will help me manage and work with the team of creative people more effectively. Art, design and problem solving skills are also necessary for higher positions. I believe that Toronto Film School will be the best to help me in developing not only required soft skills but also hard skills to increase my proficiency in 3D softwares. Apart from that, during my studies, I will investigate deeper about holographic games using virtual reality technology since it is the future of the game development.