In and polymers, thermal management in electronics, photovoltaics and

      In conclusion, nanoscale diamond particles have gained meaningful attention because of its many applications in different fields such as nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), drug delivery, luminescence imaging, sensing, quantum computing, surface coatings, and so on. There are huge worthwhile reasons with nanodiamonds, nanodiamonds give magnificiant biocompatibility and the least cytotoxicity in biological circumstances and show outstanding mechanical capabilities, which turn nanodiamond as a best-suited material in the field of implants, and also coatings for micromechanical devices, fine polishing, lubricating, coatings and polymers, thermal management in electronics, photovoltaics and energy storage applications.  Therefore, the research in the enhancement of nanodiamond for biomedicine, photovoltaics, energy, electrodes for efficient energy storage, electronics, nuclear fuel, cold emitters for displays, terahertz radiation sensors and optics have been swiftly stepped up, and the main theme of the research is found as the purity and homogeneity of the primary particle dimensions, surface chemistry as well. The utmost part admit that nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) is a form of bulk diamond, the dimension has less than 100 nm in size, though a moment term ultra-nanocrystalline diamond (UNCD) has been found to portray material with grain sizes under 10 nm. Nanodiamond (ND) is another form of nanocarbon, which consists of nano-sized tetrahedral systems. The properties and particle size of the nanodiamonds depend on the synthesis conditions, sp2 shells and changes ratios of functional groups on the surface. Metal contamination from the detonator and chamber materials alter the quality, purity properties of nanodiamonds. Also, nanodiamonds surrounds the desired and undesired defects such as point defects, nitrogen impurities etc. The removal of these defects depends on the position of defects within the particles. These defects are described in different ways as per nanodiamonds application