He former activities of the company. In this whole

He views downsizing as an opportunity
rather than a threat. His decision to support Charles is intentional. In this
whole process, he attempts using reorientation approach to change UPC’s
mission, structure and abandon former activities of the company. In this whole
process, Andrew knows how others feel and what they might be thinking. Empathic
concern was somewhere missing which is vital to maintain sustainable success.

He knew that the interests and issues of the other stakeholders in this
situation are a priority and they need to know that their voice matters. Instead
of being self-biased, the plan of action he brought to the table was to benefit
all the stakeholders and UPC. Despite the fact that he could be on who may be
laid off too. Andrew has examined his plan in every aspect for waste which
could lead to savings of more than 11% in the long run.

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