Have specific functions of angles and calculations. Trigonometry is

Have you ever been in school and wondered when your actually gonna useall these subjects? Well, math is one subject that you will actually need regardlessif it’s basic math or the more complex math for instance, Trigonometry, orprecalculus. Based on your major that will determine what kind of math you willuse if any. So, where did math originate from? According to mathcs.clarku.edutrigonometry was taken from the greek. Trigonometry is the branch of mathematicsregarding specific functions of angles and calculations. Trigonometry is all abouttriangles and other mathematics regarding specific functions of angles andcalculations. At first it was difficult to figure out how to solve problems asmathcs.clarku.edu states that ” Although he did not systematically give methodsfor solving right triangles and oblique triangles solutions were eventually found.”This is were what we know as “sin”, “cos”, and “tan” came to be known and arecontinuing to be taught. The most important equation you have to know about isthe pythagorean theorem. The inventor of the pythagorean theorem, was namedPythagoras, he was described to be a bit crazy, his beliefs that rational numberswere next to godliness became an obsession that ultimately caused his death, itmade him mad, when people proved his theory wrong it caused him so much rageand anger that it caused him to kill them.Calculus was invented by Isaac Newton. He may sound familiar if you haveever taken physics. He created calculus many years ago but isn’t it funny that westill use it today. Way before Newton people would use small pebbles to count it isknown as an abacuses. In spanish is known as “calculus.” Hence, the nameCalculus. There are many parts of calculus that Newton in fact did not develop heultimately just initiated the idea. As newton was not the one who fully made all thediscoveries about calculus, it is said that there is another person with the name ofLeibniz. According, the greatcoursesdaily.com ” independently invented calculus.He invented calculus somewhere in the middle of the 1670s. So he said that hethought of the ideas in about 1674, and then actually published the ideas in 1684,10 years later. His paper on calculus was called “A New Method for Maxima andMinima, as Well Tangents, Which is not Obstructed by Fractional or IrrationalQuantities.” Well the information is given but it still remains a little foggy on whoutterly and completely invented it regardless calculus made is way everywhere andit is still used today. Now a little baby of calculus named Pre- calculus is anotherkind of math; that is a requirement for graduation. According to a professor atStanford university, news.stanford.edu the book where all these concepts wereinitially it was very old and used up many things had to be figured out with priorknowledge, taken from prior sources. Pre calculus is a math course where most ofthe math concepts will be touched thus, why people find it to be a tad bit moredifficult, it will include, ” trigonometry, math analysis, and a little bit of what youmay be able to find in calculus.” states calcworkshop.com