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Growing up as kids, we were always told to never tell a lie because it is the worst thing we could do. While lying is not always good, it is not always bad either. No one can say that throughout his or her life he or she has never told a lie. People say that, I have never lied before, but it isn’t true. Nobody can think of  a person who is completely honest. In most cases, people do not even know that they just told a lie. Lies are so commonly used that they almost seem like the truth is being told. Furthermore, telling a lie is sometimes more appropriate than telling the truth.
It is sometimes better to lie than to tell the truth so that we don’t hurt other peoples feelings. Some people will feel disappointed, frustrated, or upset if the words from other people aren’t the words they want to hear. For example, I had been invited to a friend’s birthday party five years ago where dinner was also being held. After eating a few bites, I really didn’t like the way he made the main dish as it had absolutely no taste to it.  Although I didn’t like the dinner, I told him I enjoyed it. In this scenario I had to lie to keep my good relationship with my friend. If I had told him that the food was bad he would’ve felt hurt. Some time later I faced another problem which took place about 4 years ago. Similarly, a person from school once invited me to the movies with him and his friends. I wasn’t really his friend, but he thought we were. Instead of being direct about our relationship, I told him I already had plans that day and I would come next time for sure.  Another incident happened a few months ago. Me and my family went out for shopping to get cloths for school. My sister went in the fitting room to try on a T-shirt that she liked. When she came back she asked me how it looked. When I looked at it my immediate response in my mind was no, its not good. To make her feel happy I told her it looks nice and you should get it since you like it. If I had lied she would have been angry and mad at me. Small lies like these can change an impression of you as a person. People can make others happy by telling a lie instead of breaking their hearts.
People often lie to protect themselves or someone else from getting into trouble. When I was seven years old we went shopping, I saw a candy bar that I really liked. As I was a young child and did not know anything, I took it and put it in my pocket. When I got home, I told my sister about it and offered to share with her. My mom eventually found the stolen candy bar in my room closet and asked me about it. However, my sister covered for me and said a friend at school had given it to her. I was in a critical situation, but a little lie my sister told helped me escape without getting any punishments. Furthermore, in fifth grade science class, students who received a sixty or below on a quiz or test were required to bring it home for parents to sign and return. Since I got low grades on most assessments, I often forged my parents signature. However, during a conference, my science teacher told my parents that we were given  the quizzes and tests so parents could look at it, sign it, and bring it back. My parents asked me if I had shown them the assessments the teacher had given from science class, and I lied, saying I had. I had to lie to not get myself in trouble for the bad grades I received. This is similar to my sisters lying because if I had told them that I didn’t show them the assessments, I would have got into big trouble and I would’ve had to deal with consequences. By saying the lie I saved myself from getting punished.
Telling a lie is often a better solution to problems because it can save a relationship and keep ourselves others from getting in trouble. We can see that if people say things that others don’t want to hear, a relationship can be destroyed. People tend to lie so their family and friends don’t get hurt by the truth. If someone tells the truth they might hurt a person without any intentions. Sometimes our lives are full of lies and the lie becomes the truth even without telling the truth. There is no one who can say they have never told a lie. If someone says that we can see that they are an actual liar.