Divorce nation as well. For instance, the government has

Divorce in the United States is at an all time high at about
41% of all first marriages end in divorce. Divorce in a marriage with children
can have detrimental effects on the children. For example, children whose
parents are divorced are often victims of abuse which can lead to exhibitions
of health, behavior, and emotional issues. The presence of a new step-parent
often times leads to abuse of the children. Neglect often times is the outcome
of divorces as well. This can lead to suicide, drug, and alcohol addictions at
higher rates than other children. Divorce can also affect a children’s
development in school as well. These children are found to perform poorly in
reading, spelling, math, and other subjects. Due to this, many children with
divorced parents often repeat grades or simply dropout of school all-together.
Divorce also influences financial stability of the children as well. Children
not already poor see large drops in total income for the family. This can take
away opportunities to higher education, better quality of life, and better
living situations. Also, one parent is often times having to pay larger sums of
money to help the other parent raise the children. Rather than two parents working
for their children and each other, one parent can often be working for the children,
the other parent, and the other parent’s new partner.The need for financial
stability usually is the first step into the long list of issues children of
divorced parents are forced to take.

            The Federal
Reserve Board’s survey found that only around 40% of children between 14-18
live in houses where the parents have not divorced. This can lead to immense
effects on a nation as well. For instance, the government has built funds,
programs, and made budgets to combat the divorce rate among families. The
government has tried to establish the importance of marriage by making it
integral part of certain policies and programs by the government. The government
knows how devastating divorce can be to communities, cities, states, and even the
nation. Congress should set a goal of some kind to reduce divorce by a certain percentage
by a certain date. This immediately makes the issue a top priority which can lead
to channeling effort into prevention.

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