Boxing nationwide at that time. His mother struggled with


Boxing has been loved by a widespread population world-wide for
decades. Whether its Muhammad Ali from the 1960’s, Mike Tyson from the 1980’s,
or until recently, Floyd Mayweather Jr, boxing has been transformed. Floyd has
been regarded as one of the most significant and prominent figures in the
history of boxing. This can be accredited to his success in the boxing ring,
his earnings from winnings, and his popularity as a celebrity world-wide. He is
also the known for The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation, “a non-profit
organization dedicated to empowering and promoting the social development and
advancement of struggling adults and adolescents.” His early life, boxing
career, and greatest achievements have made Floyd Mayweather Jr. the boxer he
is today, and ultimately the greatest pound-for-pound fighter the world has
ever seen.


Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on February 24, 1977, Floyd
Mayweather Jr. is the son of Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Deborah Sinclair. His
original name was Floyd Joy Sinclair, not taking on the last name that was
known nationwide at that time. His mother struggled with drug addiction, but it
was the genetic lottery on his father’s side. His father was Floyd Mayweather
Sr., and his uncles were Jeff Mayweather and Roger Mayweather, who all had
success through boxing at a certain point in their lives. He was quoted about
his childhood saying, “I’ve had boxing gloves on since before I can walk and
been in gyms all of my life.” He could not legally change his last name to
Mayweather until the age of 11, but it was clear Junior was destined for
greatness in terms of boxing. It was clearest to his family, as his father knew
that he had a prodigy on his hands. As a youngster, there was no one who
clocked in more hours in the gym than Floyd. His father recalls the whole
journey, “He was a training to be a fighter in the crib,” he once said. The
process was long and difficult, but it is clear to see that it payed off.

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Senior and Junior would travel to the Grand Rapids gym every day, and did not
ever think of anything else other than becoming the greatest. Junior was
running 11-mile runs at the age of 11, dedicated to reaching the top, and he
knew that was the only way. His father’s commitment to helping his son was
remarkable, and admirable. He would do everything in his power to ensure that
Junior did not make errors or get mixed in with the wrong crowd. Unfortunately,
Mayweather Senior had his own problems to worry about. He was jailed as a
result of drug charges in the early 1990s, and had been in jail for a long
time, it was only until 1998 in which he was released. By that time, Mayweather
Jr. had already won his first Olympic bronze medal. Luckily for Junior, instead
of straying off the path that his father had begun to pave for him, he stayed
on that road and did not let fear or a small-time mentality get to him.


Floyd Mayweather has had numerous encounters with success
throughout his career. Amongst them are going 84-6 as an amateur, defeating the
most challenging opponents, and becoming the most paid athlete.  To some,
Mayweather is referred to as a boring boxer. He is calm and slick with his
movement, he never exposes anything in terms of areas in which the opponent can
seriously harm him. He is also patient, waiting to pounce on his opponent, he
can wait throughout the round measuring and analyzing his opponent’s style and
stamina. He will “block everything, and then just come out, throw his
combinations of two or three punches, win the round, put the rounds in the bag,
and win the fight.” His sense of awareness is unmatched, he is capable of
understanding in which area of the ring he is at, and can use that area to
strategically defeat his opponents. It is clear he knows exactly what he is
doing, as noted by the opponents he defeats. After beating Ricky Hatton in
2007, Hatton had nothing but respect and admiration for boxing’s greatest,
saying, “I was fighting a genius, a boxing artist. I was getting more and more
frustrated. Lose your cool against Floyd Mayweather and what you do is you get
knocked out.” Mayweather has a deadly combination, instinct, defense,
footwork, and quick hands, making him with no doubt the scariest in any ring.

Perhaps one of the most memorable wins would be against previously undefeated
Diego Corrales. When the competition had been over, Corrales had been knocked
down five times in less than ten rounds, but before the fight began, he had
never before been knocked down.  Mayweather had used his speed and defense
to once again shock the world.  One of the most anticipated boxing fights
of last year, Mayweather versus McGregor generated over 9 million viewers from
pay-per view alone, and  brought in $230 million for Mayweather alone.

This fight was one of the most intense and crucial moments in Mayweather’s
career, but he still managed to endure and come out a champion.  This
right here shows the heart of a true champion.


Furthermore, Mayweather has achieved some of the best boxing
accomplishments to date. Some may view him as arrogant, but after viewing what
he has achieved, it is clear that he has a lot to be proud of. Mayweather has
fought against the world’s greatest, and has come out on top. No one else can
show off a 50-0 record in major competitions, with 26 knockouts. He has
captured eight world titles in five different weight classes, including the 2005
Welterweight, in which he increased his record, and picked up another title.

For some new outlets and critics, it seems it is never enough. Now, Floyd has
learned to come to terms with that and accept it, saying, “While you guys are saying, ‘I hate Floyd Mayweather!
(Expletive) Floyd Mayweather! I don’t like Floyd Mayweather.’ At the end of the
day, every month, I get a seven-figure check and I’m very comfortable and I’m
happy with that, it’s never enough, never enough.” He has went on to defeat a
variety of boxers who were destined to reach the top, only to run into Floyd
Mayweather Junior. Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto, Manny Pacquiao, Shane
Mosley, Juan Manuel Marquez, Saul Alvarez, and 44 others. He has come out on
top, and it is obvious that it wasn’t luck that allowed him to reach the top.

On May 2, 2015, Floyd Mayweather was faced with one of the most difficult
challenges, Manny Pacquiao. This was one of the most anticipated fights of the
decade, as two boxing monsters faced head-to-head. Manny Pacquiao had every
intention to end Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s record, but ultimately paid the price.

Many were surprised as Floyd Mayweather spent his time during the fight ducking
and dodging Pacquiao’s punches. Although it pleased the judges, it was a huge
let-down for viewers. Mayweather dictated the pace, making it extremely hard
for Manny Pacquiao. It was a regular day for the greatest pound-for-pound of
all time.


Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s life has been filled with
the greatest of successes as a result of the greatest of determination. He has
dedicated his whole life for this sport, and has put everything on the line to
become the best pound-for-pound fighter in history. He overcame the largest of
disadvantages, such as losing his father due to crime for a period of time, or
living with a mom who was seriously addicted to drugs. The time spent behind
the scenes mastering his craft will forever be remembered, he has mastered a
great strategy, mixed with his versatility and speed to maintain an unbeaten
run of 50-0. That record of 50-0 with 26 KO’s alongside that strategy,
versatility, and speed equals greatness inside the ring. He often says, “skills
pays the bills”, and it is clear that his skill sets are unrivalled.