event of a lawsuit. Another reason why big Inc. is an online website that was incorporated May 28th, 1996 but was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. The offer a range of products and services by purchasing from retailer and reselling under their brand or just by third party retailer selling direct from their website. They also operate on an international scale, Amazon operates a customer based corporate culture where the opinions and needs of their customers are put first. Business strategiesCompetition is present in all industries, this is why companies implement business strategies to differentiate themselves in the eyes of their consumers. Common strategies include acquisitions of competing companies, adding features to their products or services etc. Amazon has various business segment: media, electronics and other general merchandise, web services(cloud computing) etc. and in all these segment are various competitors. In order to have a leg up on the competition, amazon recently has announced new innovations like the amazon home services, amazon echo, amazon go. Amazon considers competition as its biggest risk which is why the focus on differentiating themselves.No other competitor has entered this market which distinguishes amazon, “Started only as online shop for selling physical books in 1997, today Amazon sells anything that can be sold online in the global scale. Sophisticated global logistics represents one of the solid bases of Amazon competitive advantage and the company has used this advantage extensively to engage in successful business diversification.”( John Dudovskiy, 2017). Amazon is listed as a limited liability corporation, but Inc. is listed as a C Corporation. The reasoning behind it is that, online merchant businesses like Amazon compartmentalize that way as a tax strategy. Amazon carries out business in different countries and has diverse distribution centers, therefore in order to reduce the income tax burden and skip collecting sales tax from their customers. “The main purpose of a Limited Liability Company is to reduce the legal liability of the company’s owners in the event of a lawsuit. Another reason why big companies like Amazon set up multiple subsidiaries is to have separate legal entities dedicated to various services/products/business operations. That way, even if something goes wrong at one part of the company’s business — for example, one subsidiary gets sued — the overall parent company is left unharmed by the lawsuit and can keep those liabilities contained to just one subsidiary LLC.”(Gran Ben, 2017)Amazon has a hierarchical organizational structure, having the CEO Jeff Bezos at the top of the chain and the segments, three senior vice presidents, worldwide controller and two other CEO in charge of various segments under him. This structure has worked well for them due to their size and flexibility in adapting to different changes. A popular strategy employed by amazon is mergers and acquisitions, they have acquired companies in cyber security and productivity software. They use this strategy to enter new markets and gain market share. However, every business faces risks, below are examples of risk Amazon Inc. could face;• Intense competition as mentioned earlier,• Expansion into new products, services or technologies opens up risks, whether legally, financially etc.• Also, expansion into international markets puts them at risk due to political conditions, regulations and restrictions to different countries.• Foreign exchange risk; the business could suffer and losses could be incurred after translation of transaction from foreign countries.• Taxation risk• Payment related risks• Last but not the least inventory risk.• Technological risks (risk of being hacked)Some of these risks could occur on a daily operational basis which would be classified as somewhat minor or major risk. Competition and technological risk would be categorized as major risk; amazon faces competition from other businesses like Walmart, sears, best buy etc. and since Amazon has different segments it operates in, they have competition in all segments