the current generation, images and videos are almost everywhere. Image sharing
through internet and social media have them in billions. Web search tools will
deliver the images of any given query by the user. Today, all computers and
mobiles have the camera built in it and the devices are filled with gigabytes
of images and videos. Programming the machine by writing the algorithms in such
a way that the system can understand images as of humans is the concept of
Computer Vision. Computer Vision is a field in Artificial Intelligence which is
used to make computer or a machine as capable of humans in understanding the useful
content in an image or a video sequence.


Computer Vision is aimed at covering the
foundational aspects of how to analyze images and to extract content from
images. That is, how can we build a computer or machine that can see and
interpret an image. In Computer vision we are interested in extracting
information and knowledge from an image and research is going beyond processing
an image to really knowing what is inside the image, and what’s the content of
the image. Computer vision is really about analyzing images and videos to
extract knowledge from them. Mostly, these images are of real scenes like image
of a street with cars or it could be other types of images like that of an
X-ray inside a human head and we need to do image analysis to be able to
extract things about of interest in medical applications. So essentially the
goal is image and video understanding which means labeling interesting things
in an image and also tracking them as they move

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