· these benefits to these huge oil corporations comes

·       Rail transport is a quick efficient way for many companies who don’t want to spend extra money on building new infrastructure such as pipelines, and also want to transport big volumes in millions of gallons of oil rather than transporting lesser volume through trucks.

·       But sadly, that’s just one side of the story, with all these benefits to these huge oil corporations comes relatively dangerous scenarios that can easily turn the rail track into flames and explosions.

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·       This will not just affect the infrastructure around the rail track but if the fire spreads it could risk for publics safety as well.  

·       Apart from the safety guidelines for the public, we must consider the environmental effect of the amount of carbon emissions and the speed at which these oil containers are being driven.

·       The safety guidelines and any other decisions were made into order by the consent of both Transport Canada and the Montreal, Maine & Atlantic (MMA) company.

·       The government has denied taking any responsibility upon themselves and yet left everything in the hands of the summary published by the Transport Safety Board of Canada (TSB).

·       It almost feels like that transport Canada turned a blind eye towards the safety regulations, in return for power.


·       So, it seems that government is busy serving the businesses keeping the public’s security and safety in the second order of priority and suppressing the publics appeal regarding anything and everything.


·       So, if you are working in a public service and think of going against the government not only will you be fired but you will also be publicly ridiculed for following the so called democratic beliefs.


·       The board Chair of the time Wendy Tadros issued the following statement regarding MMA “The TSB found MMA was a company with a weak safety culture that did not have a functioning safety management system to manage risks”.


·        So, this raises the question that what role is the government playing? The government should have made their checks and if needed imposed the safety regulations for the better good of everyone around them.

·       Its inconsiderable that out of the 18 factors found to have caused this derailment there were only 3 factors branching from the transport Canada which further shows how power politics suppresses even an independent investigative firm such as the TSB to publish based on the interests of Transport Canada.

·       Lastly analyzing this situation through the eye of the three dimensions of power is as follows:



1st dimension- visible

This dimension describes policy making steps that includes organisations in this case that would be the MMA and Transport Canada. The role of Transport Canada was to set a specific line of rules and regulations and to make sure that they are being followed, where as the role of the company MMA was to follow these safety guidelines effectively and provide their employees with up to date training regarding the safety and operations of the train carrying oil, as there could be at any possible time public safety hazard as well as dangerous explosives.

2nd dimension- hidden

This is where things get tricky, and the situation of the oil derailment is the perfect example of this. The agendas of the MMA were given top priority by Transport Canada, as money and power speaks lengths whereas the public safety was far blind-sided. One example of this as from the summary of oil derailment report from TBS would be Transport Canada allowing MMA to have a one crew member, that was also one of the reasons for this train derailment and

3rd dimension- invisible

In this dimension of power, new strategies are implemented and what’s the suture with such

different ideologies. In this case although neither the oil company nor the rail has accepted

responsibility for the accident. Although Transport Canada has given out statements that they

always follow and implement the guidelines issued byt the TBS, and will continue to do so in

the future as well. Thus Transport Canada has taken a lot if measures to improve rail safety after the Lac Megantic event.